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  • The Basic Rundown

    8th Nov 2019 by

    Personal Blog. You’ve ever felt like doing something incredibly random? Translating, reading translated novels that open your eyes towards cultural difference and idioms, behind-the-scenes for the YT channel, etc. Whatever, whatever, whatever we feel!

  • Till Winter (Premise)

    7th Jun 2020 by

    Author’s note: I feel lazy, so here’s a quick draft. I don’t know how to flesh it out yet so this might be the first 3 chapters after fleshing out. Anyway….I can’t decide what’s the world background…A mix of chinese transmigiration and isekai is a hard thing to do because everything would feel out of… Read more


    7th Jun 2020 by

    I’ve been obsessed with the reincarnation/transmigration genre for a while and wanted to try my hand at writing. However, I’m not very good so let’s see how it goes. I’m not going to pressure myself for this one. I used to write fanfiction but hated the quality. I wish I could finish one.

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